Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 8- Just Chillin'

So today was just a chill day. We didn't have to get up that early, which was really nice :) And we just caught up on our work, and hung out at the lodge all day. One thing that I really liked, was that I was able to take a nice long hot shower this morning :) I wore really relaxing clothes all day, which I also liked. For lunch we just made sandwiches, because the town we are in has no places to eat at. Later that night we watched this slide show that had a bunch of silly photos of all of us in it. It was hilarious! After the slide show, we ate home made pasta that Ms. Carter had made. It was sooooooo gooooddd!!! Then we got to watch the movie Anchor Man. It has Will Ferrell in it, but it wasn't that great. It laughed a lot, but it's kind of dumb. It was still really nice to get to watch a movie though :) So yeah today was just a nice and easy day that we really needed ;)

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