Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 16 & 17- Off to Fiji

We are finally heading out to Fiji today! Our flight was not cancelled thank goodness. However once we got on our flight, we had to wait about an hour for the ash cloud to move a little more before we could take off. But after that hour, we were on our way. The flight was about four hours , and it was not the best flight either. That was probably the worst flight I've ever had. It didn't bother me that much, but it bothered other people. It felt like we were on a rolled coaster or some kind of ride. But we made it to Fiji, so nothing else really mattered. We got there around eight o'clock, and none of the food courts were open, they were all closing. The only thing we found to eat was a bunch of junk food, and then theses gross leftovers from this Indian food place. So we didn't really have that much for dinner because we didn't want to get sick from the nasty food. After we ate our bus arrived to take us to our hotel that was three hours away. It was a really bumpy ride, but we finally got there at one in the morning. When we got up the next morning, it was pouring rain. That wasn't a good sign. It ended up raining the whole day. Later in the day, since it was still raining, we went into town. It was really cool to see there culture in Fiji. It looked like an African town kind of. We went by this sugar cane farm, and got to try sugar cane before it had been made into sugar. Fiji is well known for their sugar cane farms. After our tour, we went back to our hotel and had our last dinner together. And then we tried this stuff called Cover. It's part of the Fijian culture, but it tasted like mudd water. It was so disgusting! Then they taught us one of there line dances. Once we were done having our fun for the night, we went down to the beach to have our last pow wow. All you could see in the sky were millions and millions of stars. It was beautiful to look at. Today was fun, but I really hope that the sun comes out tomorrow for our half day in Fiji before we leave.

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