Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 10 & 11- Pancake Rocks and Castle Hill

These past two days have been very tiring. The first day we went to Pancake rock, it was beautiful out there. The pancake rocks are rocks that look like stacks of pancakes out on the sides of the ocean. Once we were done taking pictures at pancake rock, we went down to this restaurant called Pancake Rock Cafe, it was really really good! I got a panini, and then had some cookies and cream ice cream ;) Later we went on another nature walk in this forest, and it lead out into the ocean. There was some awesome waves out there, I have never seen waves that big. And they were also really loud when ever they crashed against the rocks. That night Ulla gave us another presentation. I love hearing her stories about where she has been, and just learning things that I never knew about places she has been. The next day was a super long travel day. More than five hours. And we weren't aloud to use our ipods, so you can just imagine how bored we all were, especially when it was pitch dark outside. Our first stop was pretty cool. But our second stop was amazing. It was called Castle Hill, and it was just beautiful up there. Later I found out that Castle Hill was where the fighting scene in Narnia was shot. I thought that was really cool, because I love that movie :) So yeah it's been really long these past two days, but I saw some amazing things :)

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