Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 12- Horse Back Riding

So we are in Hanmer today. We weren't able to go to Mt. Cook and ski, because there is no snow on the mountain. :( So instead, today we are going to go horse back riding! The people owned a bunch of land, and right in the middle of the land was the stables. They had so many horses! Over twenty I think. And along with the horses was four cats, two dogs, sheep, and a whole lot of chickens! The horse that they gave me was Darcy. He was an all white horse, and they said that he was the perfect unicorn for their winter parade they had in town. Once we got started on our trail, I got the hang of it pretty easily. My horse did not want to go slow, he kept on trying to pass other horses, and wanted to go faster. It was my first time to try trotting today, and it was pretty easy, until we were going up or down the hill. When we started going down the hill, mine and Sarah's horses got a little too close to eachother, and they were trying to fight. That was a little scary, I was really afraid that I was going to fall off. But after that, there was no more problems. We made it back to the stables, and while we were waiting for the other group to get back, I made friends with the cats inside the house. :) The year old kitten was my favorite. She was all black, and her name was Sparky. She was the friendliest out of all of them. There was another one that had long black and white fur, that wanted you to pet it, but then she would try to bite at your fingers, it was like a game she was trying to play. Once the other group got back, it was time to leave. We got to our cabins to change really quickly into our bathing suits. We were gonna go to another hot springs pool today! These hot pools had water slides :) They were a lot of fun, we kept on getting in and out of the water to go ride all of the rides. We stayed there for about two hours. Once we were done, we went back to the cabin again to get ready for dinner. It's our last night with Ulla. :( She gave us her last presentation while we were waiting for our food. Once she was done eating, she had to leave so that she could catch her flight in the morning. We all got to take pictures with her. It was sad to see her go, but she said we could all add her on facebook! Even though we didn't get to go skiing, I still enjoyed today :)

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