Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 13- Earthquake in Christchurch

We made our way down to Christchurch today. As soon as we got there, we left to go down and see what the city looked like after the devastating earthquake. The whole city looked like it had been hit by bombs. We stopped by some empty cafes that hadn't been touched since February. This one cafe still had a newspaper in it that had the date of the last earthquake written on it. Further down in the city was this really big Catholic Church, it was completely destroyed. They said that there use to be a statue of the Virgin Mary on top of the church that was looking inside at all of the people in the church, and then when the earthquake happened the statue had spun all the way around to where it was facing the city of Christchurch, like she was looking over everyone in the city. I thought that was really amazing. After we saw the church, we went down to this neighborhood. This neighborhood is so torn up, that they have decided to tear the whole neighborhood down, so everyone in the neighborhood is going to lose their house. In the middle of the neighborhood was a creek that had a bridge going over it. This bridge was turned in every angle, there was no way that anyone would be able to walk or drive on it again. Once we were done seeing all of Christchurch, it was time to go out for dinner on our last night in New Zealand. We got the option of eating Italian, Thai food again. I went with the Italian food group. I had pepperoni pizza, and some gilato ice cream. It was one of the best meals, probably because I love Italian food so much. I really enjoyed seeing Christchurch today, but I'm ready for Fiji tomorrow!

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