Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 15- Another Day in Christchurch

Today we are going down to the park. I had gotten a cold a couple days ago, and I still wasn't quite over it. There was also three other girls that weren't feeling so well either. So while everyone else played Rugby, me and a few others sat and watched. I would have really liked to play, but I didn't want to run around in the cold and make my cold worse than it already was. It was fun watching them play Rugby though because a lot of them didn't know what they were doing. After they had finished their game of Rugby, we were all going to go down to watch a Netball game. It's kinda like Basketball. They gave me and the three of the other girls the option of going to watch the game, or going back to the hotel to sleep. We all decided to go back to the hotel and rest so that we would be completely healthy for Fiji. It really made a difference too. When everyone got back home, I was ready to go out again because I felt a whole lot better. We went out and ordered pizza, and then went bowling. It was a good end to our for sure last night in New Zealand :) 

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